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The ultimate guide how to choose the best Forklift

InterGlobe Alliance Inc. > Blog > The ultimate guide how to choose the best Forklift

How to choose the right Forklift

Forklift propane

Propane forklift or LPG forklift, which LPG stand for (Liquefied petroleum gas):

Can use indoors and outdoor but not at food or meat plant.
LPG Forklift can use at a trucking companies facility or any wood or stone companies.
These LPG forklifts are from 3000 LB capacity up to 15500 LB also some companies like silent hoist they make them in bigger size up to 80000 LB capacity.
Mostly they are available for indoor use with cushion press on the tire from 3000 LB to 15500 LB, also you can find them in solid pneumatic or pneumatic tire from 3000 LB to 15500 LB.

Forklift Electric

Electric forklift:

All the food facilities, meat, chicken, fish, or supermarkets are obliged to use electric forklift which runs by the battery also most of the other business are switching from LPG forklift to battery powered lift.

Electric forklifts they come in 6 different categories :

  1. Three wheeler forklifts:
    3 wheeler forklifts are going from 1000 lb to 5000 lb most common one is 3000 lb to 4000 lb capacity. They turn on the spot and they designed to work in a very tide spot.
  2. Electric counterbalance forklift 4 wheeler:
    These type of forklift they come from 3000 lb to 12000 lb and few manufacturers, they make them in a bigger capacity like 50000LB Capacity but not very common, mostly you can find them in 4000 lb to 6000lb capacity. In North America, they are 36 or 48 volt but in Europe, you can see them in 72 or 80 volts as well.
  3. Electric Dock Stacker forklift:
    These forklifts are very similar to 3 wheelers the only difference is that the operator will stand up not sit down and they come in 3000 lb to 4000lb capacity very fast for unloading truck and cross-docking.
  4. Electric walk behind stacker:
    These type of electric forklift are good for a small facility with low usage since the operator has to walk behind the lift do not recommend them for a high usage facility.
  5. Electric reach forklift or reach truck:
    These forklifts are very useful for narrow aisle area or compact facility. 9ft is the minimum required between the 2 aisles, on the reach forklift the forks extend out depending on the design of either 24” or 48”. If the forks extend out 24” it is single reach and they called double reach or deep reach if the forks extend 48”.Since the reach forklifts have two strudel legs or toe you can not drive them out of the facility or use them to go in and out of trailers unless you order a special one with bigger wheels.
  6. Order Picker:
    These type of forklifts are designed to pick up from the shelf or rack, an operator will go up and down with the load and they mostly come in 3000 lb capacity in order to use these type of forklifts operator must use a special safety harness.

Electric Pallet jack or Motorize pallet jack:

They design to move pallets fast and quick, they are in 3 different type :

  • Walk behind, which the operator walks behind the machine. capacity 3000 lb to 6000 lb.
  • Ride on pallet movers which the operator will stand on the pallet form and drive them, capacity is 6000 lb to 8000 lb.
  • Ride on long pallet movers which they designed for moving pallets or moving 2 pallets together. Capacity is 8000 lb and forks length is 96”.

Diesel forklift

Diesel forklift:

Diesel forklifts are designed for outdoor use only strong and reliable forklifts in the material handling industries. The capacity of diesel forklift is from 6000 lb to 110000 lb.

Majority of the diesel forklifts have outdoor tires either solid pneumatic or air.

Diesel forklifts are also designed as container handler or reach stacker which they can pick up full or empty container depending on the capacity.

Gasoline forklift:

There are some companies that make gasoline forklifts, the engine is almost the same as LPG and in most cases, you can transfer them from gasoline to LPG. Gasoline forklifts are not designed to use indoor but in some countries, they still use them inside.



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