How to clear forklift error code: Mitsubishi

Please see the table below for Mitsubishi error codes and explanation to troubleshoot your machine. If you need further assistance please contact us for technical support.


Error code Explanation
E03 VCM communication error
E04 ECM communication error
E05 DCM communication error
E06 HST communication error
E07 MP communication error
E08 TMS communication error
E21 Air flow meter error signal
E22 Water temperature sensor error signal
E23 Throttle sensor error signal
E24 Accelerator sensor error signal
E25 O2 sensor error signal
E26 O2 sensor heater error signal
E27 POS sensor error signal
E28 PHASE sensor error signal
E29 Self shutdown system diagnostic result error signal
E30 ECCS C/U error signal
E31 Electronic control throttle control error signal
E32 Overhear signal (STEP 1)
E33 Overheat signal (STEP 2)
E34 Spark system error signal
E35 LPG F/INJ disconnection diagnostic result signal
E36 LPG fuel pressure sensor diagnostic result signal
E38 LPG vaporizer diagnostic result signal
E39 Mast-high SW diagnostic result signal
E40 Oil pressure sensor diagnostic result signal
E41 Stop lamp SW error signal
F02 Battery voltage error
F57 Tilt backward solenoid error
F03 VCM communication error
F59 Tilt solenoid leak
F04 ECM communication error
F60 Attack-1A solenoid error
F05 DCM communication error
F62 Attach-1B solenoid error
F06 HST communication error
F64 Attach-1 solenoid leak
F07 MP communication error
F65 Attach-2A solenoid error
F08 TMS communication error
F67 Attach-2B solenoid error
F10 Lift lever neutral error
F69 Attach-2 solenoid leak
F11 Tilt lever neutral error
F70 Attach-3A solenoid error
F12 Attach-1 lever neutral error
F72 Attach-3B solenoid error
F13 Attach-2 lever neutral error
F74 Attach-3 solenoid leak
F14 Attach-3 lever neutral error
F75 Unload solenoid error
F16 Shift lever error
F77 Lift lock solenoid error
F17 Speed error
F79 Unload solenoid leak
E29 Self shutdown system diagnostic result error signal
F20 Lift lever error
F80 Knob position solenoid error
F22 Tilt lever error
F82 Tilt lock solenoid error
F24 Attach-1 lever error
F84 Knob position solenoid leak
F26 Attach-2 lever error
F85 T/M forward solenoid error
F28 Attach-3 lever error
F87 T/M backward solenoid error
F30 Main oil pressure sensor error
F89 T/M solenoid leak
F32 Lift oil pressure sensor error
F34 Speed sensor error
F36 Tire angle sensor error
F38 Tilt angle sensor error
F40 Steering error
F50 Lift up solenoid error
F52 Lift down solenoid error
F54 Lift solenoid leak
F01 Memory check error
F55 Tilt forward solenoid error
P03 VCM communication error
P04 ECM communication error
P05 DCM communication error
P06 HST communication error
P07 MP communication error
P08 TMS communication error
P22 Shift lever error signal